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I’m so happy omg

seriously though, whether I’m dressing male or female I gain like 90% of my look inspiration from BJDs and one day i will master looking just like them and I will BECOME a doll

I’m going to film a friend audition tape

And just somehow advertise it to people in my area

I want to have some friends in person, but I don’t have the time to waste just going around meeting  random people that “I may like” and getting to know all of them and etc. and spending like months on trial and error conversations.

Like I really just want someone to go indoor rock climbing and skating with me once and a while

that’s all, just once and a while someone to accompany me whilst I do activities. If I was wealthy I would just rent someone, but I guess it also matters that I would like to get a long with them well, so I should probably sort of be compatible with them. 

so I’m thinking maybe I’ll just be super direct like “Hello, this is who I am, this is literally exactly what I’m looking for, if you fit the criteria and I fit your criteria then talk to me, if not then don’t”

I feel like people may take it the wrong way

but then again if they take something as small as that the wrong way then they probably are not cut out to be my friend in the first place

it’s just I already have a decent bit of long distance friends and connections (I’m always looking to make more I guess, but it depends on the type of person they are and etc.)

I really want someone I can hang out with and do stuff with in person but I don’t want to have to take a super long time getting to know them or go extremely out of my way to get to them, because most of my “leisure time" or "friend time" is already devoted to my long distance friends

and I don’t want to have to go through the long process of getting to know and trusting people if I have no idea how actually compatible we are. Which is why I used to try to find friends on OKC but they all end up wanting to date you .  And I would go to club meetings or group meet up things,  but most of them are already established and I’m too anxious to just walk up to a group of people who all already know each other. 

So the most logical option to me seems to just be extremely specific and outline criteria of the people I’m looking for, and then give basic criteria for myself, so people can rationally and logically evaluate whether I would be a worthwhile investment of their time, and I can evaluate the same for them. 

I mean written out it seems sort of cold and formal but in my mind it seems really logical? Like it makes total sense, and if someone sent me an audition tape I wouldn’t be like “OMG WTF” I would more be like "Wow, thank you so much. That makes this process very easy for me and you just really helped me, also I can appreciate the way your mind works and thank you for rationally spelling everything out for me.

so it’s like, maybe if it sounds strange to make an audition tape and share it around looking fro friends, and it would probably alienate a lot of people and they would find it strange, PERHAPS it would attract only the right people who think similarly to me 

and the strangeness of it would actually be a good testing factor of judging what type of person they are, how they react to it and such. 

But I still don’t know how to distribute. Once I make it, how do I get people to see it? just post it on youtube and hope somebody who lives in my area will contact me about it? I could post flyers in my area with the url to the video on them and a brief explanation. ughhhhhrrr i dont know


ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world


Chants of let her speak, let her speak resound as the moderator attempts to cut off protestor, Zakiyah’s questions and criticisms of hostile police tactics towards protestors.

Our voices must continue to be heard in Ferguson. Please share or donate to fund her stay as she continues to so ground work and organize to get justice for Mike Brown. She has been working feverishly there for three weeks now.



Male references two

to which I would still add a lot more jewelry and decoration, yet like the general style of

And maybe not flat boots, some of them are too flat and I would still like the platform boots and spikes and fishnet feel to it, but with this style added in

eheheh people are reblogging this which I didn’t intend to happen, so I just want to make clear and claim that these are just things I found on google, and that I’m not claiming any rights to these photos and I’m sorry that I didn’t credit where they were actually from or anything, and I’m not trying to steal them. They’re just random screenshots I took during a google image search and I was using them as a reference for examples of the styles of clothes that I wanted to dress in when I “cross dress”. So credit goes to not me but whoever these people are (I just feel strange that people have started reblogging it so now it seems like I was stealing pictures from google or something and not crediting the people so idk I thought I should say something or make it known that my intent was just for sort of personal reference reasons and style advice and not to take the photos or anything)

Lol yay I got the crazy stockings in the mail ahahaha

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Tree of Gondor tank arrived and it is PERFECT! It is so soft and the print is done just the way I like it: completely dyed into the fabric (no nasty stiff plastic) and not 100% ultra black (would look bad on the tank and fade immediately). I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of both print and shirt and will definitely be bying something from them again!
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Oh yeah and this skirt is just so yummy I adore it <3 It’s thrifted and then upcycled and added to and messed up by me :)


5 disturbing facts about police militarization in America

Those cops in riot armor beating and tear-gassing protesters in Ferguson didn’t drop out of thin air. As American police continue to receive billions in military-grade equipment free or subsidized by the Pentagon and Homeland Security, they’ve predictably started to act more like a military force in hostile territory than the public’s protectors.

Facts from ACLU report show just how big the problem has become Follow micdotcom

me flirting: so what's the deal with having to exist as a physical entity

i really want to go to college or school

but I actually don’t

I realize that I just really miss and have nostalgia for my last few years of school because I loved the teachers and the subjects so much.

And college would be entirely different, so I would be foolish to go in expecting the same thing and the same type of feeling. 

Also spending THAT MUCH  money just to try to have some nostalgia met would be ridiculous.

But still~ I just miss seeing other people, and classes, and having subjects and stuff to be preoccupied with. But I don’t miss grades and stuff.

I just want there to be a day camp where you go and learn stuff all day but it’s not serious and the grade don’t matter and you don’t even really have to go, but it’s just an optional fun thing to do

Non-serious Daytime Learning Camp

Rilakkuma waffles! 

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okay that’s done, 

now I have to edit pictures for my mom

and then



and here’s just a photo dump of all the blurry ones but I still sort of liked them but they were blurry so I didn’t know whether to delete them or not or keep them in the blurry haze of existence

I’ll be excited to collect more accessories and clothes for him and then watch him evolve and look back on these old picture and roll my eyes, but for now they look good enough to me lol

As a girl I can be a white light colored mori cpk girl and as a boy I am the dark weird fantasy creature hyhuhuhu

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I’m sort of irritated the hair isn’t black, the more that I look at them. BUT WOULDN’T THIS LOOK COOL IF I HAD AN EYEPATCH??? I am still  thinking about his design choices lol. He can be like a patchy injured boy self. I don’t know what to do with these pictures, there’s too many lol

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