I'm Luca. I'm a pale blue light orb spirit cat, who accidentally floated into this timeline of the universe. I'm very many people at the same time, and I do a lot of things. Top interests are: Psychology, Japanese Fashion, Clouds, Making videos/music/art, Ice, Nature, Cats, Healthy Living, Satire, Emotional wellness, Space/Physics/ Quantum Mechanics/ Theories about the universe and existence as a whole, Aliens, Philosophy, Conspiracies, Bright Happy Frilly things, Milk, Bathtubs and Rain. You're welcome to stick around and float into the bubbles of the sunrise with me~
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I wanted these shoes for a while but even the knock off ones are super expensive, BUT TODAY I WAS IN THE STORE and they had these seven dollar circle cutter exacto knives, and then everything just clicked that I could just make a similar version of them myself with shoes I already had! So I did, and they’re obviously different and hand cut, so not amazing quality, but they’re close enough, and I did a few extra circles and unevenly cut hearts  ̄ε  ̄ But whatever I’m pretty satisfied with them for being a 45 minute “Ahh I HAVE TO DO THIS IDEA NOOOOOW ” type of job. = ̄ω ̄=

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